Stadsbestuur van de gemeente Lier

In early February, the mayor and the city councilors of Lier visited Ergon and spoke with management about topics such as being a good neighbour, innovative products and employment for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups.

Good neighbourliness was an important topic of discussion. Many efforts are made at Ergon to maintain good relations with the local area and the inhabitants of Lier. For example, by organizing local activities and sharing its facilities with the community.

The mayor was impressed furthermore by the state-of-the-art technologies and know-how Ergon has at its disposal to produce quality products. Ergon is known for its leading role in the industry and its ability to always be at the forefront in terms of innovation.

Employment for disadvantaged groups was the third major topic during the visit. Ergon has an inclusive employment policy and is committed to hire and empower people from disadvantaged groups. The mayor expressed the importance of employment for disadvantaged groups and commended Ergon for its efforts to encourage this.

The visit emphasized the importance of cooperation between Ergon and the government for the growth and development of the city. The mayor and Ergon’s management therefore hope that this visit will be the beginning of a long and productive relationship.


« Reliable people make the difference »