Modular construction  

For large multi-storey buildings, Ergon’s prefab modular construction is the best solution. Using our standard products, completed with concrete elements, especially developed for the project, it is possible to realize a prefabricated unit that is completely optimized regarding cost, efficiency and construction time.

A minimum number of different basic elements allows to realize a modular structure of the building, which can be finished with traditional materials and products, both for interior and façade covering.

Industrial buildings

The prefabricated roof structures for industrial buildings are realized with columns and I-beams of constant or variable height (IV)..

Where one or more mezzanine floors are built, prestressed floor slabs can support heavy loads up to 40 kN/m².

In industrial construction, Ergon can make buildings with 30 m high single piece columns and beams up to 50 m. Grid-structures of 960 m² (40 x 24 m) without intermediate columns can be made with our standard elements.

Compared to steel constructions, the prestressed concrete structures have a higher resistance to fire and do not require protection against corrosion.

Consult our technical guide for more technical data or feel free to contact us if you want more information.