About CRH-SCB  

CRH Structural Concrete Belgium (= CRH-SCB) is a division of the Irish group CRH – an international supplier of building material.

Besides Ergon CRH Structural Concrete Belgium brings four other strong brands under one roof: d-Concrete!, ECHO, Prefaco and Schelfhout. These five companies, all active in the structural market, combine their forces in CRH-SCB.

By doing so CRH-SCB offers an exceptional large range with all wall- floor- and structure solutions for the house and industrial building, innovation and sustainability always being the starting point.

The activities of CRH-SCB are oriented towards the whole building process, from design, architectural or constructive support till the delivery of the products and, eventually, the erection of the structure for the principal or the contractor. The customers may expect innovative and sustainable productions and solutions from the CRH-SCB companies, that improve and accelerate the building process for both the house-building and industrial market.

Code of Conduct

CRH has in place clear guidelines on business conduct and ethical behaviour for the people who represent us in carrying out their daily duties.

Commitment to Human Rights

Tackling Modern Slavery

Supplier Code of Conduct and Safety prescriptions

The Supplier Code of Conduct sets out these CSR requirements and how we want to ensure your compliance.
In return, we strive to be a fair and honest partner, firmly believing that relationships built on these core values of trust and integrity
will be sustainable and beneficial for all.

General guidelines