Floor and roof slabs  

Ergon has a range of floor and roof slabs, composed of SP-slabs, TTP-slabs and TTD-roof slabs, that allow the optimal use of prefabricated prestressed concrete.

The most important advantages are:

  • execution speed as well in manufacturing as in erecting;
  • flexibility in design: choice of span, infinite combination possibilities with all kinds of material for floor or ceiling finish;
  • light and very thin floor constructions;
  • long spans require less columns and sagging beams, allowing to span the external walls in one go;
  • sometimes a compression slab is no longer needed.

Floor slabs have several functions:

  • support vertical loads;
  • load distribution of point or linear loads through the joints;
  • transfer of horizontal forces to the rigid elements of the supporting structure through diaphragm action;
  • support of large horizontal forces due to water or soil pressure when building underground constructions.

Range of application

SP-floor slabs are successfully used in:

  • office and school building
  • light industrial loads
  • car parks
  • many other applications

TTD-roof slabs are developed as a light roof slab with a large span (up to 12 m). They are used in the same range as the SP-floors slabs and also in:

  • hospital
  • heavy industrial loads

For more information and technical data about our floor and roof slabs you can contact us.