Special products  

Ergon offers custom-made prefab concrete and, due to its experience of many years, is specialized in custom-made projects. We combine several products and techniques to offer our client the most appropriate solution for each unique project. The hereafter mentioned projects show only a fraction of our possibilities.


Ergon is Belgium’s leading specialist in the prefabrication of elements for stadiums. Because of the large variety in the designs of stadiums, they are mostly realized with custom-made products which are especially developed for this purpose.

Car parks

Cars parks, both under- and above-ground, are realized using hollow core SP- or TTP-slabs, combined with floor beams and columns. The spans are usually 8 to 15 m (SP) and 15 to 20 m (TTP).

Ergon has the right solution for the various ways of organizing traffic in the car park. High strength concrete can be used to reduce the dimensions of the columns, providing more parking places in the same area.

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